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A Note on Equity and Diversity

You might notice that while some subjects like Physics occupy just one space on the wheel others seem to be broken up into more pieces of the pie. This is intentional. We live in a world that is changing fast. It wasn’t that long ago that most of the academic fields on the ArrrG wheel were not open to women, minorities, or LGBTQ+ persons. That has changed. Still, most of us (myself included) really don’t have any idea how much knowledge exists about how gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality intersect to influence how society functions.

One way to help us all be better neighbors is to intentionally learn more about minority and gender issues, so we can all be more intentional in our desire to include people who haven’t always been welcome at the table of knowledge. To help, we broke these sub-fields out from beneath the broad umbrella departments they are often listed under, like “Womens and Gender Studies” or, “Language and Ethnic studies”. Now these topics take up a bit more space on the wheel and therefore have a better chance of being read. It’s a little thing, but it’s our way of making sure we’re trying to make a difference.