The idea for ArrgG came to me as one of those amazing, million dollar thoughts you get right before you fall asleep and forget them forever. I got lucky and remembered it in the morning. The credit really goes to Tara Westover, the author of the book Educated. What she had to say at a talk I saw  about the value of broad, inquisitive exploration and the difference between being “educated” and being “trained” really struck a chord. 

I grew up in a family of open-minded people. I attended Macalester College, a school that values breadth of knowledge and critical thought. I said I would never let myself get too narrow in my education.Then I finished a Ph.D. in the chemistry of fish earbones. Clearly, it was time to broaden out. And so, the idea of ArrrG was born.

blah, blah, Mary rocks...blah, blah, more parades.