Finding things to read can be a challenge. So much of academic knowledge is locked behind publishers paywalls. But, it is possible to find awesome stuff. 

If you contact experts to find readings, ask if they can provide a copy. Also, check at the local university library for digital access (and inquire about being granted off-campus access just in case it’s possible). Otherwise, here are some resources that can help you find great things to read across all subjects. 


We swear the name was a coincidence. Apparently there is some latent frustration around the pursuit of knowledge.

(originally AAARG, the acronym of Artists, Architects, and Activists Reading Group) AAAAARG is an online text repository. It was created by the artist Sean Dockray and serves as a library for The Public School, a framework supporting autodidact activities. Aaaaarg has grown into a community of researchers and enthusiasts from contemporary art, critical theory, philosophy, and related fields who maintain, catalog, annotate and run discussions relevant to their research interests. You’ll need to be invited by someone in the group. Ask around ;)

Google Scholar

More and more academic work is being published open-access though journals like PLOS, or is archived on university servers or as pre-prints. Google Scholar shows you the available full texts in links on the right (hint - look through all the versions in the link at the bottom of each entry, sometimes the best full-texts are hidden). If you log in from a university library you will usually get full-text access to everything in their digital collection.