What is Arrg?

We live in a world where new discoveries and new ideas are constant, and access to them is instantaneous. But, regardless of our livelihood the modern world seems intent on narrowing our focus, minimizing the time we have to reach out and explore the world and it’s ever growing knowledge.

Social media encourages us to build tidy, easy, cocoons of people whose ideas match our own. Our jobs often pay lip-service to the evils of “silos,” or the greatness of “interdisciplinary teamwork,” but are mostly meetings full of buzzwords. We work long hours, it’s hard to gin up the energy to read and explore widely.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

ArrrG was created as a way to read widely and get informed, without any expectation that you know what you’re talking about. Nobody here is an expert. We built ArrG with the purpose of stepping out of our comfort zone and hearing about what’s new in parts of the world we’ve never explored.